Born on November 12, 1986  - it makes me a Scorpio. In Astrology, Scorpio is ruled by the Roman God - Pluto, (Greek - Hades, the Ruler of the Underworld). This sign is also represented by the mysterious realm known as 'The 8th House'. This house  governs the natural forces of Sex, Death and Magic.

I want to capture those essential necessities through my art and photography. To create something provocative yet tasteful, dark but intriguing, different and inviting to all who are curious about a world bizarre from theirs.

In my world, nothing is consistent. So you will find my work to be very diverse across all styles for any one and everyone's creative needs for their home.

Originally from El Paso, Texas - I have lived in Dallas & Austin Texas, Hiroshima (Japan) and Cape Town (South Africa). I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a B.A. in Anthropology from New Mexico State University (2010 - Las Cruces, NM).

My work has been sold world wide and I look forward to seeing my work on your walls. Thank you!



June 2014
Dallas Talent Magazine & Addison Talent Magazine
Artist Biography
Local Talent of the Arts
Publication: Online Magazine
May 2014
Original Domain (ISSUU)
ISSUU: Online Magazine Network - (Chicago, IL)
2nd Issue - Summer
Publication: Featured Cover Artist
June 2014
Author - Malcolm O. Varner
"Cotton Candy Coated Chocolate Kisses" - (Dallas. TX)
LGBTQ / African American Men / Poetry
Publication: Book Cover Design
September 2014
Free Rent Zine
"Life & Death" Theme
Austin, Texas
Publication: Photography
January 2015
Contraposition Magazine
"Nature & Technology" Theme
Charlottesville, Virgina
Web Publication: Photography
June 2017
Art Skoop
YouTube Interview
Dallas, Texas via Skype
Interviewer: Doug Land
November 2015
Contraposition Magazine
Volume 5
Charlottesville, Virgina
Print Publication: Photography
Script Shop Show Podcast interview for the screenplay, Jo.